I've been putting this off for a while now, but I have to write it sooner or later.

    As of the 11th of April this year, William Fraser Publishing - the organisation that currently facilitates the availability of the three books thus far published in the Mediochre Q Seth series - will no longer be in operation.

    Sadly, this is an issue out of the hands of both me and my publisher. For financial reasons, the organisation is not in any position to continue. It is in the nature of capitalism to sooner or later kill any small businesses that aren't both very good at what they do and lucky enough to avoid disaster. Turns out, one way or another, that's not us.

    The three books of the Mediochre Q Seth series thus far published will continue to be available from Lulu.com and Amazon (among others) until the 11th of April. After that they will be unavailable until further notice.

    I'm aware that some of you are already invested in this series and its story, and as such my intention is to eventually find some way to get those three books published again, along with the remaining two. If all else fails I will be looking into self-publishing. If even that fails, I shall do what I can to make the texts available through any other method. Unfortunately, I cannot say how long these processes will take.

    My apologies to those of you for whom this is bad news.

    Goodnight, friends (but not goodbye?),

    Calum P Cameron

    But That (With Any Luck) Was Not The Ending


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