Two things:

    Firstly, it is now less than a week until the release of book three.

    Secondly, and perhaps of even greater importance, my publisher tells me that the following link will potentially allow you to get your hands on one of a limited number of discounted prerelease editions (which, to all practical purposes, are just the exact same book but like 75% of the price.)

    Don't say I'm not good to you.





    Attention, proud and humble denizens of this noble series of metaphorical tubes that we call the internet!

    In accordance with arrangements between William Fraser Publishing and the monolithic institution that is Amazon, 'Caught Mediochre-Handed', third instalment in the moderately successful Mediochre Q Seth series, will be officially released around the internet in August/September.

    But let's be honest here. You don't wanna wait that long. I don't wanna wait that long. Nobody wants to wait that long. So it has been agreed to cut a few corners by bringing the release date for Lulu.com forward from the intertubes-wide release date.

    So, in honour of Mediochre himself and as an R.I.P. to his fallen comrade Pigeon, 'Caught Mediochre-Handed' will be available from Lulu.com as of the 17th of July.

    Does that require an exclamation mark? I think that probably requires an exclamation mark. Lemme try that again:

    In honour of Mediochre himself and as an R.I.P. to his fallen comrade Pigeon, 'Caught Mediochre-Handed' will be available from Lulu.com as of the 17th of July!

    Remember, folks:

    July. 17th. Lulu. Caught Mediochre Handed.



    Yours monolithically,

    Calum P Cameron

    In a Series of Twisting Tubes, All Alike



  • Get Caught Mediochre Handed this September

    The third book in the Mediochre Q Seth series - entitled 'Caught Mediochre Handed' because we had a running theme of gradually-worsening puns going on there - is now edited, proof-read and scheduled to be published around September time!

    In addition to delving a little more into Mediochre's long and largely-enigmatic past, this third book has a veritable smorgasbord of new villains needing dealt with (although none of them are technically sandwiches) as Maccabeus Fervour's Mantically Aware Britain suffers the consequences of, well, being run by Maccabeus Fervour. There will be peril and questionable decisions all around. There will be not-infrequent bad jokes. There will also be Mediochre's first on-page kiss, if any of you are into that, but I won't spoil too much about that here. There will, in short, be all kinds of stuff.

    Can't wait til September? Take a look at the Book of the Face, here, for a little preview, to find out in greater detail some of what our heroes are gonna be up against.

    Stay excited, my loyal subjects.

    Yours Thirdly,

    Calum P Cameron

    Innocent Until Proven Guilty



  • Can a Fellow be a Villain all his Life? (Reviewing the Situation II)

    K peeps, my publisher tells me I need more reviews, probably for deeply-important reasons which will be mutually beneficial to all of us. SO! If you have read either 'The Good, the Bad and the Mediochre' or 'Black, White and Shades of Mediochre' (or both), please take a moment or two to go type up a review, of whatever length you deem appropriate.

    Such reviews would be most helpful if posted to Amazon, but I am led to believe that other sites are available.

    Thanks, interweb peoples!

    Yours Requestingly,

    Calum P Cameron

    (The P stands for Phive-Stars)



  • Christmas Specials!

    OK, well, my shameless publicity drive on the Book of the Face worked out, so you can all read my second annual Christmas Special short story here.

    Also, I got bored and wrote a bonus Christmas Special of more ambiguous canonicity. That's here.

    Tell your friends! And merry Christmas.

    Calum P Cameron

    The P stands for Presents



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